Our Brands

What Our Brands

Bringing you the finest products and most supportive deals, we have built a brands list of some truly impressive manufacturers.

Argus Building Products became the business it is today through hard work, a dedication to quality service and a commitment to offering the best products available to our customers. 

These are fundamental concepts to how Argus Building Products has built their business. As such, Argus holds their manufacturers to the same high standards of durability and consistency. Through extensive testing and negotiations all in the name of finding the finest products and most supportive deals for their customers, Argus Building Products has built a brands list of some truly impressive manufacturers.
For lighting, Argus Building Products carries brands like Solatube, Solaro and Regent. These are the names that have popularised trends in home building and set the tone for commercial and residential concepts throughout Australia.
In terms of roofing, companies like Leda, Danpalon and Ampelite provide the roof coverings and roofing solutions that Argus Building Products is proud to bring to Tasmania. For options that are affordable, conducive to resource management and aesthetically pleasing, Argus Building Products works with the companies that carry exactly what you need to see before you move ahead with your roofing project.
Through their partnerships with some of the world’s leaders in home building and lighting solutions, Argus Building Products brings you brand name selections from some of the world's finest. Please take the time to browse through Argus Building Products’ directory of brands below, or contact Argus directly for any further questions about the brands carried.
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